I’ve decided to try to pull together all the parts of me into one space.  This way, if you know me as an editor you can read some of my words. Or, if you already know me as a poet you can discover the yarn and fiber part of my personality.

We all have so many different interests and abilities that it only made sense to me to link mine together here.   


I’m a freelance editor and I’d love to help you polish your manuscript into something you’ll be proud to submit or publish.  You can check out my rates and the services I offer at My Editor Is Sue.

Chocolate Scotch is my site dedicated to creativity, inspiration, and art.  Most of the posts there are from amazingly creative folks–guest posts designed to get your creative juices flowing.  If you haven’t already contributed, please consider doing so.

My original blog More Yarn For Me is being incorporated into this site.  The difference now is that I’ve chosen to put the poems, essays, and blog posts under separate tabs.

Dyed Bright Here is my site devoted to my hand dyed yarn and all things knitting/fiber related.