Updated June 11, 2017

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Updated January 9, 2014

The audiobook took more time and more work than I or my producer, Jack Hosley, originally envisioned.  I’m happy to report the audio files have passed the quality check at ACX and the audiobook version will soon be available for purchase at,, and iTunes.  I hate to admit that I got a bit discouraged during this process; after working on this project off and on for almost a year, I’m ready to be on to the next thing. Now, that the audio version is almost a reality, I’m excited again and I hope you are too.

Updated November 7, 2013

The paperback of Deep Breaths & Chocolate is now available at!!


Updated November 4, 2013…

The paperback version is now available!!  I don’t have words for how thrilled I am at this point.  It’s available from CreateSpace and will be in Amazon in the next week or so.  I’m still waiting for the ebook version to make its way to Amazon as well and there’s still work to be done on the audiobook but we’re almost there…

Updated October 17, 2013…

As often happens with publishing, release dates often get moved. In this case, the ebook will still release on November 1, 2013 (just 15 short days from now) but the audiobook and paperback versions need to be pushed back. There’s just too much work to do still and not enough hours in the day. I’ve been thinking that this would be the case for a week or so now, but finally got the time (home taking a sick day no less) to put it into words and make it so. I don’t have a firm deadline for the other two pieces of this huge project, other than to release them as soon as humanly possible. I want to do this right or not at all. As soon as we get far enough along to be able to gauge a new release date for those pieces, I will be sure to let you all know.  Meanwhile, the ebook version is up for preorder now and will go live on November 1st.

Updated October 2, 2013…

We’re CRAZY busy getting the audiobook and paperback versions of the book ready for release.  Since there’s a FREE SAMPLE of the ebook version, I figured it might be nice if I provide something similar for the audiobook version as well. So, I’m making selected tracks available for FREE on

Listen to selections from the upcoming audiobook HERE


Updated September 24, 2013…

Deep Breaths & Chocolate is now available for pre-order in ebook format!! The release date is November 1, 2013 at which time it will be available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback formats. I’ve heard the first edited audio files (the dedication, acknowledgements, and introduction) and I was thrilled!! Jack is such an amazing audio producer. I am so fortunate to have him working on this project with me.

If you have a book review site or blog and would like a signed digital review copy, please see the REVIEWS page.

Here are some new links:

You can download a FREE sample in any digital format at SmashWords.

And, you can pre-order the ebook from iBooks, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

Something else new….I have an author page on Goodreads.

Getting these poems out in all of these formats requires a team approach. I’d like to thank the following people for all the work they are doing to assist me in this endeavor:

Scott Pond: Cover and Book Designer
Suzanne Hartwick: Editor
Jack Hosley: Audio Editor & Producer
Paul E. Cooley: ebook formatting and Creator of MyWrite

Deep Breaths & Chocolate by Sue Baiman

Deep Breaths & Chocolate by Sue Baiman

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