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Weekdays spent Punching a clock Pushing myself To be perfect To do more To learn more Constantly striving Improving and thriving But that constant attention To all the outward details Means my focus Is without Instead of within And eventually I feel like I’ve derailed Suddenly I’m exhausted My head hurts And I’m nauseous These … Continue reading »


This started with the idea of paying more attention to the world around us. Being present in the moment. When we meditate, we’re supposed to quiet all thoughts and just pay attention to our breathing. But even those of us that practice meditation often find ourselves getting caught up in the craziness of our everyday … Continue reading »

The Time and Space Around Us

The time and space around us Is moving forward Continuously transforming Into what it must be In every instant It will not wait for you To ponder what you might become But it will respond To your actions Once you undertake them You have the ability To become other people Not in a physical way … Continue reading »