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Struggling to get my words

So the Magic Spreadsheet was going great for me. Until it suddenly wasn’t. I’m not really sure what happened. I think it was a combination of things more than any one particular thing. 250 words isn’t a lot. Unless you tend to write micro poetry. And it usually only takes me between 10 and 30 … Continue reading »

What I Want to Write

I want to take pieces of hearts And write them whole I want to reach into your soul Find the places Where you are bleeding And find the words To staunch the flow I want to reach back Through time And in rhythm and rhyme Trace history Yours and mine I want to see Into … Continue reading »

What’s Your Sign?

You can tell me your name, What you do for a living, Who your momma and daddy are; But that doesn’t tell me much Of anything about who You really are. I want to know what makes you tick. What things you like, sure; But more what you can’t do without. What do you need … Continue reading »

Finding Direction

We are each A work in progress Wandering Down a path We sometimes can’t even see. Stumbling With my eyes closed Has previously led To painful falls. Opening my eyes, Surveying where I’ve been, And grabbing A walking stick of words Helps make the journey A little bit easier. It doesn’t mean I still won’t … Continue reading »

My 3 Words for 2014

I’ve decided to do this prior to the new year. I want to hit the ground running and I’ve been taking the entire month of December to contemplate where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to be in the future. So it seemed appropriate to do this now. The beginning of … Continue reading »

Magic Spreadsheet Challenge

So,  lots of writers are trying this thing called the Magic Spreadsheet.  I heard about it from Mur Lafferty on her podcast, “I Should Be Writing” and my friend Veronica. The Magic Spreadsheet is designed to reward a writer who has a daily writing habit more than the writer who binge writes every so often.  … Continue reading »