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My Unbalanced Dance

I try to tell myself That I’m able To balance the various parts Of my life But this appears to be Another instance of Me lying to myself On the whole I suppose I do manage A bit of balance Between working myself Damn near to death And being completely still Due to exhaustion But … Continue reading »

Frivolous and Ridiculous

Frivolous and ridiculous Elephants in pajamas These are the things I need When I’m in a place of sadness A little silliness and madness To wipe away the blues When all my wandering thoughts Lead me back to you Kitten turning cartwheels Puppies on parade Internet memes When I’m tired and afraid Bright colors Blue … Continue reading »

Hillbilly Christmas Eve

Santa’s on his way Break out the whiskey and beer Target practice time Bubba’s on the porch Loading his favorite 12 gauge I’ve got my rifle Granny’s in the house Honey Boo Boo special on Duck Dynasty too She’s done baked cookies Crinkles made with bacon fat Boy, howdy thems good Look over yonder Are … Continue reading »