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The Flame of Desire

When you’re single And looking for that one someone Or just in need of release There are moments When that need That hunger Becomes a kind of panic That rises through you Like a tide lapping at the shore Gradually moving farther And farther up the beach The waves increasing in strength incrementally So that … Continue reading »

Reasons Why I’ve Given Up on Dating

I tried internet dating Once Or twice And I finally gave up I know the profile thingies Are like a resume of sorts And you want to put Your best foot forward But they really should be About some sort of honesty too Reading through them Was like reading the slush pile From hell With … Continue reading »

Last Day of Vacation

The heavy draperyBlocks all but one sliver of lightA rogue sunbeamWarm alreadyGlowing with the same peachy-pinkAs the ripe summer fruitThat errant raySoftly sculptingThe curve of your hipIn warm silhouetteAnd my handAs I trace over the sameYour face is in darknessBut I don’t need lightTo know the curve of your mouthAs it turns into a sleepy … Continue reading »


This one started simply because it was raining outside today. I glanced out the window, saw that it was a grey dreary rainy day and suddenly this image of this couple in the rain at night under a streetlight was in my head telling me that things were beautiful and sparkly even in the rain. … Continue reading »


There are times When you’re holding me Tightly to your chest As you move inside me When I wonder if this Us together Is like what drowning Might feel like Unable to take a breath Teetering on the edge Until we claw our way to the surface Together gasping Air rushing in The feeling of … Continue reading »

In Pieces

He is strong Yet vulnerable He opened his soul Reached into his chest Took out his heart And gently handed it To me He is smart Yet sensitive Opening his mind Letting me in To his thoughts His dreams Making me a part Of his future He is ravenous Yet gentle As he shares every … Continue reading »

Ceiling Fan

The heat builds up Gradually on that first weekend in May But by Memorial Day It’s a sauna before the morning Ebbs into noon Far too soon To last the day Without changing your shirt At least once But my favorite part of a hot Pre-summer day I suppose Comes as the light Begins to … Continue reading »

Full Moon

Golden orb Rising high over the hills Over the city Over the night Dripping light Onto your shoulders Your face Silk satin lips Softer than tiptoed footsteps Silent like a breath Escaping your lips Escaping the light Memories Of other moons Other kisses Days before I knew you Days when my heart Was my own … Continue reading »


Long ago memories Of a full bouquet of yellow Long stems graceful Ballerinas twirling Baby’s breath Mine held Gift of thankfulness Of friendship Pink petals gradually falling To the tabletop below Beauty fading Soft scent lingering In the air Sweet memory Of an unexpected gift On a Tuesday Playful combinations Pink and peach Orange and … Continue reading »

Sex Matters

I’m not sure why sex matters I mean the sex of a person Not the act or more correctly acts themselves Those matter the way oxygen matters No, I mean how a person Thinks of themself Or which equipment Their physical body is currently outfitted with Or which model came off The assembly line When … Continue reading »