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Happy Birthday, Mom

I tried to not think about you today I know it’s your birthday And that kinda goes against the grain But I miss you so much Even when I’m trying not to If I push you away from my thoughts I can sometimes Almost Make it through a day Without crying I’ve had so many … Continue reading »


Down Sad Meditative Contemplative The kind of music Where pain is a virtue Where heartache is the chorus And love is painful Sad and lost Blue is unfulfilled desire It is the color of the sky When it doesn’t match the mood When you’re feeling blue The sky is a pale lifeless grey It’s regal … Continue reading »

The Roads Not Travelled

When those two roads diverge The lesson of taking the one less travelled Is clear and well known What a difference choice makes Following your heart Not taking the well-worn, easy path To your heart’s desire But what about when the road not travelled Is not taken Forsaken Due to no fault of your own? … Continue reading »