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Lessons From Mom

You taught me so many things over the years Bits of trivia, odd and disconnected From those rare moments When we connected And many lessons In what not to do When I swore to anyone who would listen That I would not grow up to be you I knew so little of grief While you … Continue reading »

Words Fail Me

Words fail me When I’m trying to find a way To confront those people Who have so much privilege And are so far above so many That they can’t see down far enough To see the realities of so many lives That are so very very different from their own Words fail me When the … Continue reading »


This started with the idea of paying more attention to the world around us. Being present in the moment. When we meditate, we’re supposed to quiet all thoughts and just pay attention to our breathing. But even those of us that practice meditation often find ourselves getting caught up in the craziness of our everyday … Continue reading »


This one started simply because it was raining outside today. I glanced out the window, saw that it was a grey dreary rainy day and suddenly this image of this couple in the rain at night under a streetlight was in my head telling me that things were beautiful and sparkly even in the rain. … Continue reading »

Margin Notes

Each day is written One instant at a time The actual deeds that transpired While our feet were mired In the everyday The requirements That drain our energy Steal our power Every minute Every hour If only we could stop time To move our thoughts From the banal To the sublime Go back over our … Continue reading »

The Time and Space Around Us

The time and space around us Is moving forward Continuously transforming Into what it must be In every instant It will not wait for you To ponder what you might become But it will respond To your actions Once you undertake them You have the ability To become other people Not in a physical way … Continue reading »


There are times When you’re holding me Tightly to your chest As you move inside me When I wonder if this Us together Is like what drowning Might feel like Unable to take a breath Teetering on the edge Until we claw our way to the surface Together gasping Air rushing in The feeling of … Continue reading »

A Pale Blue Sky

A pale blue sky Giant Robin’s egg Gently cradling us all Before the wind Whips us from the tree And silently we fall Melting into Oblivion’s dark My feelings fade away A new realm of Fantasy’s embrace Begins a bright new day To love, to laugh No finer joys found Freely given to you The … Continue reading »


I have so many days Where I’m fighting Inertia It would be so easy Just to give in And some days I do I allow myself To be quiet and still Feel myself sink down Into the murky pool Hoping the acts Of being quiet and still Will silence the voices In my mind The … Continue reading »

Full Moon

Golden orb Rising high over the hills Over the city Over the night Dripping light Onto your shoulders Your face Silk satin lips Softer than tiptoed footsteps Silent like a breath Escaping your lips Escaping the light Memories Of other moons Other kisses Days before I knew you Days when my heart Was my own … Continue reading »