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No More Prayers

No More Prayers The news comes in every day The names and places change But it’s always the same Sure, some days are more brutal than others But it’s still our sisters Still our brothers It’s in Africa, Asia, Europe, and here too It’s villages and towns Paris and Beirut Beheadings and bombs Machetes and … Continue reading »


I can’t imagine What it feels like to feel settled To know that where you are Is home I watch other people Watching their kids Our kids At sporting or school events And I can imagine them In that same place Twenty years from now Doing the same With their grandchildren Because their parents Are … Continue reading »

What I Want to Write

I want to take pieces of hearts And write them whole I want to reach into your soul Find the places Where you are bleeding And find the words To staunch the flow I want to reach back Through time And in rhythm and rhyme Trace history Yours and mine I want to see Into … Continue reading »

First Snow

The snow falls softly 2 amĀ is always the perfect time For the first serious snow Of the season Not the flurries that tease and taunt Not the single snowflake Swirling through the air Never touching down Escaped from the cloud Determined to stay aloft Not be caught As only one fleeing persecution Can run Certainly … Continue reading »