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I saw a quote about gratitude this morning. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” taken from a longer thought on gratitude by Melodie Beattie and expounded upon by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yesterday, as I was purging and packing to move, I ended up throwing out and giving away much more than I am taking with … Continue reading »

Fish Out of Water

***Warning: Mixed metaphors ahead. And while I know about them, I don’t care enough to change them. So do with that what you will. This is a post about how I’m feeling right now and finding these words meant struggling to climb up a slippery, muddy wall. The occasional piece of gnarled root was exposed … Continue reading »

The Roads Not Travelled

When those two roads diverge The lesson of taking the one less travelled Is clear and well known What a difference choice makes Following your heart Not taking the well-worn, easy path To your heart’s desire But what about when the road not travelled Is not taken Forsaken Due to no fault of your own? … Continue reading »