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In those final moments Of a long day That seemed to span A week or more Just before I grudgingly Drift off to sleep And in the first moments Of the next In a string with no beginning And no end I think of you And in that pre-dawn dark The question comes to mind … Continue reading »


Sitting Waiting For an event That’s nothing more Than the afterward Of a long story Already read Where the outcome Was less than satisfying But the natural conclusion Of a long and winding tale Where the heroine Had finally found her place In this crazy world A story where every tragedy Was met with resilience … Continue reading »

Remembering Mom

She came from nowhere And grew up with nothing She was the perfect combination Of her mother and grandmother A tough broad from the same Yet softer, tempered By the influence of a generation Once removed She worked hard For everything she earned But she never forgot Where she came from Including the lessons Of … Continue reading »

Mothers and Daughters

Somehow it seems That far too often Mothers and daughters Are oil and water. Gasoline and sparks. This was us. Different perspectives. Different opinions. But the same tempers, The same frustrations, The same bruised toes, And the same love You ruffled feathers When you thought You were helping. We all cursed your name; And loved … Continue reading »

Asking for Help is Hard

This was originally posted late on the evening of March 10, 2014. By the time I got to work on the morning of the 11th, friends had donated $295.00 and it was all I could to keep from crying again. I am so blessed to ┬áhave so many amazing, caring, talented people in my life. … Continue reading »


There are times When you’re holding me Tightly to your chest As you move inside me When I wonder if this Us together Is like what drowning Might feel like Unable to take a breath Teetering on the edge Until we claw our way to the surface Together gasping Air rushing in The feeling of … Continue reading »

In Pieces

He is strong Yet vulnerable He opened his soul Reached into his chest Took out his heart And gently handed it To me He is smart Yet sensitive Opening his mind Letting me in To his thoughts His dreams Making me a part Of his future He is ravenous Yet gentle As he shares every … Continue reading »

What I Want to Write

I want to take pieces of hearts And write them whole I want to reach into your soul Find the places Where you are bleeding And find the words To staunch the flow I want to reach back Through time And in rhythm and rhyme Trace history Yours and mine I want to see Into … Continue reading »

What’s Your Sign?

You can tell me your name, What you do for a living, Who your momma and daddy are; But that doesn’t tell me much Of anything about who You really are. I want to know what makes you tick. What things you like, sure; But more what you can’t do without. What do you need … Continue reading »

Full Moon

Golden orb Rising high over the hills Over the city Over the night Dripping light Onto your shoulders Your face Silk satin lips Softer than tiptoed footsteps Silent like a breath Escaping your lips Escaping the light Memories Of other moons Other kisses Days before I knew you Days when my heart Was my own … Continue reading »