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Lessons From Mom

You taught me so many things over the years Bits of trivia, odd and disconnected From those rare moments When we connected And many lessons In what not to do When I swore to anyone who would listen That I would not grow up to be you I knew so little of grief While you … Continue reading »

Greatest Fears

Dealing with depression and anxiety Talking with a friend Thinking out loud To work my way through And the truth hits Staggeringly hard I list the projects And obligations Of time and attention and money Then I begin the process Of breaking it down Figuring out How to allocate my resources Allocate me One step … Continue reading »

Combatting the Cold

The cold creeps up to the window Staring in at us with icy eyes You shut the blinds and pull me to you Curl your body around mine And we sigh in the blissful warmth Being wrapped in love provides The cold rattles the windows Icy fingers try to claw their way in From underneath … Continue reading »