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The Time and Space Around Us

The time and space around us Is moving forward Continuously transforming Into what it must be In every instant It will not wait for you To ponder what you might become But it will respond To your actions Once you undertake them You have the ability To become other people Not in a physical way … Continue reading »

What I Want to Write

I want to take pieces of hearts And write them whole I want to reach into your soul Find the places Where you are bleeding And find the words To staunch the flow I want to reach back Through time And in rhythm and rhyme Trace history Yours and mine I want to see Into … Continue reading »


I have so many days Where I’m fighting Inertia It would be so easy Just to give in And some days I do I allow myself To be quiet and still Feel myself sink down Into the murky pool Hoping the acts Of being quiet and still Will silence the voices In my mind The … Continue reading »

Silver Screen

Sun beating down Nothing to be found But dirt, dust, and more heat Get up off the street In out of the sun Escape for some fun Found two nickels Only takes one dime To escape from the ordinary Have a good time Alone in the balcony Sitting in the dark Going to another place … Continue reading »


Down Sad Meditative Contemplative The kind of music Where pain is a virtue Where heartache is the chorus And love is painful Sad and lost Blue is unfulfilled desire It is the color of the sky When it doesn’t match the mood When you’re feeling blue The sky is a pale lifeless grey It’s regal … Continue reading »

First Snow

The snow falls softly 2 amĀ is always the perfect time For the first serious snow Of the season Not the flurries that tease and taunt Not the single snowflake Swirling through the air Never touching down Escaped from the cloud Determined to stay aloft Not be caught As only one fleeing persecution Can run Certainly … Continue reading »

The Roads Not Travelled

When those two roads diverge The lesson of taking the one less travelled Is clear and well known What a difference choice makes Following your heart Not taking the well-worn, easy path To your heart’s desire But what about when the road not travelled Is not taken Forsaken Due to no fault of your own? … Continue reading »