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Weekdays spent Punching a clock Pushing myself To be perfect To do more To learn more Constantly striving Improving and thriving But that constant attention To all the outward details Means my focus Is without Instead of within And eventually I feel like I’ve derailed Suddenly I’m exhausted My head hurts And I’m nauseous These … Continue reading »

A Pale Blue Sky

A pale blue sky Giant Robin’s egg Gently cradling us all Before the wind Whips us from the tree And silently we fall Melting into Oblivion’s dark My feelings fade away A new realm of Fantasy’s embrace Begins a bright new day To love, to laugh No finer joys found Freely given to you The … Continue reading »


Down Sad Meditative Contemplative The kind of music Where pain is a virtue Where heartache is the chorus And love is painful Sad and lost Blue is unfulfilled desire It is the color of the sky When it doesn’t match the mood When you’re feeling blue The sky is a pale lifeless grey It’s regal … Continue reading »