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It’s been just over three years since my mom died. Three years of growth and change. Three years of SO many lessons that I’m not sure I can capture or convey all of them here. But, obviously, I’m about to give that a try. Shortly after she died I got a promotion at work to … Continue reading »


Long ago memories Of a full bouquet of yellow Long stems graceful Ballerinas twirling Baby’s breath Mine held Gift of thankfulness Of friendship Pink petals gradually falling To the tabletop below Beauty fading Soft scent lingering In the air Sweet memory Of an unexpected gift On a Tuesday Playful combinations Pink and peach Orange and … Continue reading »

Puzzle Pieces

We are each a piece Of the larger whole Puzzle pieces Struggling to discover Where we fit in Our edges so convoluted That finding each person Who fits into our life Making those connections Is a lifetime endeavor Sometimes you find A person you think Is the perfect fit to you Only to discover On … Continue reading »