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Reasons Why I’ve Given Up on Dating

I tried internet dating Once Or twice And I finally gave up I know the profile thingies Are like a resume of sorts And you want to put Your best foot forward But they really should be About some sort of honesty too Reading through them Was like reading the slush pile From hell With … Continue reading »

Selfish Motivations

This site is all me. I use it to post rough drafts of my poems, provide information on my products and services I have for sale or offer, and as a place for blog posts. While this site is where I put all things me, I have another site that is very much not me … Continue reading »

What’s Your Sign?

You can tell me your name, What you do for a living, Who your momma and daddy are; But that doesn’t tell me much Of anything about who You really are. I want to know what makes you tick. What things you like, sure; But more what you can’t do without. What do you need … Continue reading »