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Going Crazy

I’m torn Torn between running and hiding And finding a way to fight back There is a constant stream Of violence Hatred Negativity Stupidity Arrogance Fear Greed Brutality Where has humanity gone? The safety and security Of our neighbors and children Has taken a back seat To corporate greed And some people’s need To play … Continue reading »

Not My Monkey, Not My Circus

Life is a three ring circus On a good day It’s just the three rings The performances are flawless The animals obedient Blue skies and cotton candy But it’s still a circus On the not-so-perfect days And let’s face it If your lucky You get maybe three perfect days A year And on those Less-than-stellar … Continue reading »


I like to think of myself as ADD enabled. But there are times (far too many times)when this is decidedly not an advantage. I think it helps me at work because I have to flit back and forth between many different tasks at once but when I need to, I can hyperfocus. But outside of … Continue reading »