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My Unbalanced Dance

I try to tell myself That I’m able To balance the various parts Of my life But this appears to be Another instance of Me lying to myself On the whole I suppose I do manage A bit of balance Between working myself Damn near to death And being completely still Due to exhaustion But … Continue reading »

Not My Monkey, Not My Circus

Life is a three ring circus On a good day It’s just the three rings The performances are flawless The animals obedient Blue skies and cotton candy But it’s still a circus On the not-so-perfect days And let’s face it If your lucky You get maybe three perfect days A year And on those Less-than-stellar … Continue reading »


I like to think of myself as ADD enabled. But there are times (far too many times)when this is decidedly not an advantage. I think it helps me at work because I have to flit back and forth between many different tasks at once but when I need to, I can hyperfocus. But outside of … Continue reading »


Weekdays spent Punching a clock Pushing myself To be perfect To do more To learn more Constantly striving Improving and thriving But that constant attention To all the outward details Means my focus Is without Instead of within And eventually I feel like I’ve derailed Suddenly I’m exhausted My head hurts And I’m nauseous These … Continue reading »

Frivolous and Ridiculous

Frivolous and ridiculous Elephants in pajamas These are the things I need When I’m in a place of sadness A little silliness and madness To wipe away the blues When all my wandering thoughts Lead me back to you Kitten turning cartwheels Puppies on parade Internet memes When I’m tired and afraid Bright colors Blue … Continue reading »


This started with the idea of paying more attention to the world around us. Being present in the moment. When we meditate, we’re supposed to quiet all thoughts and just pay attention to our breathing. But even those of us that practice meditation often find ourselves getting caught up in the craziness of our everyday … Continue reading »


This one started simply because it was raining outside today. I glanced out the window, saw that it was a grey dreary rainy day and suddenly this image of this couple in the rain at night under a streetlight was in my head telling me that things were beautiful and sparkly even in the rain. … Continue reading »

Margin Notes

Each day is written One instant at a time The actual deeds that transpired While our feet were mired In the everyday The requirements That drain our energy Steal our power Every minute Every hour If only we could stop time To move our thoughts From the banal To the sublime Go back over our … Continue reading »