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Another New Year’s Day

It’s another New Years Day Another new beginning In the middle of the week In a continuum of average I get the day off For which I am thankful Because these weeks around the holidays Are so pregnant with expectation That dragging my ass to the office More than three days a week Is brutal … Continue reading »

Too Many Words

  ¬† ¬†There was a time When I didn’t have the words A time without meaning Before this leaning On words like a crutch Was much more than a wish A dream To somehow take these feelings Thoughts and dreams Of a better world Find a way to pull then together And say what I … Continue reading »

Love Yourself

I am fat I am a fat woman With breasts the size of melons That when left to their own devices On a football Sunday Where I curl up on the couch To watch the games In my pj’s and sweats And refuse to leave my nest Will settle themselves somewhere between My chin and … Continue reading »


I went for a walk Head down My heart in sadness And a pair of golden wings Outlined in deepest black Shimmered and fluttered As it crossed my path Bringing a moment of gladness I watched it as it flew As it continued on its way Realizing that I would likely Never see that particular … Continue reading »


I can’t imagine What it feels like to feel settled To know that where you are Is home I watch other people Watching their kids Our kids At sporting or school events And I can imagine them In that same place Twenty years from now Doing the same With their grandchildren Because their parents Are … Continue reading »

Almost Late

This morning was one of those mornings when shaking off the bonds of sleep was harder than usual. But more than that, the last vestiges of the dream I either had just had or was still having refused to leave and I kept trying to return to that place. When I finally gave up and … Continue reading »

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

So many Of my happiest memories Are wrapped up in One single person My dad But I tend to forget To remember those good things And too often Cling to the other Less happy Less perfect Events in my life And then Father’s Day Rolls around And I’ll call my dad And tell him Happy … Continue reading »

Greatest Fears

Dealing with depression and anxiety Talking with a friend Thinking out loud To work my way through And the truth hits Staggeringly hard I list the projects And obligations Of time and attention and money Then I begin the process Of breaking it down Figuring out How to allocate my resources Allocate me One step … Continue reading »

I Wake at Five

I wake at five Even though I don’t really have to be up Until six No alarm Just the way My body likes To start the day I wake slowly Gradually Stretching into consciousness So it always takes A few blissfully moments Before reality returns And I roll over Realizing Your side of the bed … Continue reading »


I watch you write Sometimes struggling To pull words from your brain Sometimes struggling To keep pace As the words gush forth Loving the hell outta Your new found productivity But all good things Will eventually, Come to their inevitable end The whitewater river of words Will slow to a trickle The novel will end … Continue reading »