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Learning to Sleep

I feel like I’m learning how to sleep again Like it’s something my body forgot Without you next to me I can’t relax Can’t let down my guard This feeling, this need Buried in me like a seed Dormant, it sleeps Even when I cannot So I wait patiently For you to water my soul … Continue reading »

Going Crazy

I’m torn Torn between running and hiding And finding a way to fight back There is a constant stream Of violence Hatred Negativity Stupidity Arrogance Fear Greed Brutality Where has humanity gone? The safety and security Of our neighbors and children Has taken a back seat To corporate greed And some people’s need To play … Continue reading »


I was broken The world had chewed me up And spit me out Onto the concrete below Leaving me gasping for air I didn’t care If I lived or died I tried to keep going But knowing what a failure I’d been So many sins committed Made me sure I was unlovable Useless to all … Continue reading »

Lessons From Mom

You taught me so many things over the years Bits of trivia, odd and disconnected From those rare moments When we connected And many lessons In what not to do When I swore to anyone who would listen That I would not grow up to be you I knew so little of grief While you … Continue reading »

The Flame of Desire

When you’re single And looking for that one someone Or just in need of release There are moments When that need That hunger Becomes a kind of panic That rises through you Like a tide lapping at the shore Gradually moving farther And farther up the beach The waves increasing in strength incrementally So that … Continue reading »

No More Prayers

No More Prayers The news comes in every day The names and places change But it’s always the same Sure, some days are more brutal than others But it’s still our sisters Still our brothers It’s in Africa, Asia, Europe, and here too It’s villages and towns Paris and Beirut Beheadings and bombs Machetes and … Continue reading »

First Kiss

Tell me my love Between slow deep kisses Where we melt into each other And time stands still Trapped inside a sphere Containing only us And our love Tell me my love Of your memories Of that first kiss The feeling of electricity Sparking between our lips When time didn’t simply stand still It ceased … Continue reading »

Balticon 2015

In the almost stillness Of the perfect afternoon I contemplate the paths we have traveled To this place where dreams are born Where ideas are sparked From the flint of community And the trick is to both shelter that ember From the sad fate of a quiet death At the hands of Doubt Or Insecurity … Continue reading »

Done Remembering

Today marks 365 days That she’s been gone. We went long stretches Without talking sometimes But never anything Like this. I don’t want to remember. This day should never Be special in any way. She’s still dead, Still gone. Marking today changes nothing Remembering today Only serves to remind That somehow a year Has come … Continue reading »

Words Fail Me

Words fail me When I’m trying to find a way To confront those people Who have so much privilege And are so far above so many That they can’t see down far enough To see the realities of so many lives That are so very very different from their own Words fail me When the … Continue reading »