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I have many passions Many loves From the simple company Of my cat To being with And doing things with My kids Passions that have been with me As long as I can remember Like music And reading And art To newer things Like editing And knitting And spinning And you When I was a … Continue reading »


Happiness is words And yarn And curling up on the couch With the cat It’s reading and writing It’s editing And conversations With good friends About more words More yarn And more cats

Exceeding Expectations

Working every day Every damn day At something you love So that on most days It doesn’t feel like a job But that doesn’t mean That you aren’t working your ass off Honing your craft Pushing yourself To learn new skills Reveling in the joy Of creating something So that at the end of each … Continue reading »

Sleep Cycles

A friend posed a question on Facebook asking if we were morning people or night owls. I answered that by nature, I’m a night owl; and because my kids are still in school and due to my schedule at work, I’m currently a morning person. Then I started thinking about it. I currently wake up … Continue reading »


Running circles round myself Backwards and forwards Russian nesting dolls And circular logic One idea inside the next Or is it the one before? Fragile Yet indestructible Incomprehensible Thought Inside thought Braided together As if the multiple plies Would give the logic strength When sometimes What it gives Is a brittleness Like glass Sharp shards … Continue reading »

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Appreciation Month. I’ve struggled lately to get my words. I was already struggling before my mom died suddenly; but losing her like that felt like a sick and strange combination of the bottom dropping out from under me and being choked by my emotions. But I know the only way I … Continue reading »

Envy and Jealousy

This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about for a while now. Two events have finally made me pull the trigger. The first happened a few days ago. A coworker was leaving for the evening and won’t be back to work for a few days because she was heading for a vacation in Florida … Continue reading »

Puzzle Pieces

We are each a piece Of the larger whole Puzzle pieces Struggling to discover Where we fit in Our edges so convoluted That finding each person Who fits into our life Making those connections Is a lifetime endeavor Sometimes you find A person you think Is the perfect fit to you Only to discover On … Continue reading »

Half Price eBook Sale

Publishing Deep Breaths & Chocolate is one of my biggest achievements of 2013. It represents a lot of hard work by myself and everyone who helped me realize the fulfillment of this dream. December will be a month of reflection on past goals and planning for future successes (another post on this is in the … Continue reading »

In the Darkness

In the darkness Where your insecurities Are harder to discern I am blind To your disguises My fingers Read your weaknesses In Braille Cover to cover Touching every flaw With the reverence A lifetime of war stories Told in flesh Deserves I bear witness To your past sins Even as we backslide Into each others … Continue reading »