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It’s been just over three years since my mom died. Three years of growth and change. Three years of SO many lessons that I’m not sure I can capture or convey all of them here. But, obviously, I’m about to give that a try. Shortly after she died I got a promotion at work to … Continue reading »

On Saying Goodbye

My ex husband died suddenly in his sleep on Columbus Day. His death has turned my and my children’s worlds upside down. I read the piece below at his memorial service this past Wednesday. I’m proud of this final version, but it took a lot of work to get it down to this. The original … Continue reading »

It’s All Chemistry

Saw my therapist for the first time in years. Literally. Five of them to be exact. Spent most of the hour catching her up on those five years and how they relate to today. Realized how very much has happened in that time: the divorce was finalized; I moved twice (and will be again sometime … Continue reading »

Get Healthy Day

I typed the title of this post and smiled.  Ah, if only a single day would do it. Sadly, today is simply the day that I managed to get both a Dr’s appointment and a therapy appointment (and the first day of a week of vacation). I scheduled these appointments on one of the many … Continue reading »

Hard Realizations and the Determination to Change

Best part of being in a prom picture is finally realizing how hideously huge you have become. I’ve been making excuses for why I haven’t gotten serious about getting in shape because the truth is it’s scary. I know it’s going to hurt like hell and I don’t know if I’ll be successful. I guess … Continue reading »

Grieving Celebrities

The geek community, particularly fans of Star Trek, took a gut punch Friday with the news of Leonard Nimoy’s death. I have a hard time understanding people’s grief when the person who died was a celebrity. He was an artist. An actor. But I didn’t know him. The man. He played a character that is … Continue reading »

My Three Words for 2015

2015 is my third year doing three words. While I don’t refer back to these words often enough during the course of the year, I really enjoy this exercise and will continue to do it each year. Last year, my words were Storyteller, Habits, and Collaboration. The year before was Balance Schedule, and Breathe. I … Continue reading »

Yarn and stuff

I haven’t written many words so far in May because May is all about Balticon.  In previous years, I started dyeing the Balticon yarn in January or February and paced myself.  Two years ago I moved in April so that put me under a time crunch.  But this year was so much worse that I’m … Continue reading »


I can’t imagine What it feels like to feel settled To know that where you are Is home

Love Letters

I put down these words On cards of lavender and pink Embossed with a delicate heart In the hope of one day finding you So that I can send them To their rightful home They are my wishes and desires The words of my inner fires And all my unanswered questions And declarations Of undying … Continue reading »