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The People and the Planes

Okay, this is my last post about Create South.  I had thought about doing these seperately but it’s going to be mostly photographs (go figure) anyway. I met some amazing people down in South Carolina.  I’m sure everyone who was there is amazing.  I just met a few.  That whole shyness thing, ya know.  I … Continue reading »

South Carolina Sunrise

Saturday, the day of the Create South conference, was going to be a busy day.  I hadn’t gone to sleep until 01:00 in the morning (hadn’t slept more than an hour catnap pulled off the highway the night before either) and we wanted to get an early start so that there was time for a … Continue reading »

The Gettysburg Battlefield in Winter (part 2)

Where I continue the photographs from a winter photo shoot on the Gettysburg Battlefield… Many of the photos were taken along “Cemetery Ridge”.  I may not have my historical facts exact here so if you are a history buff and I screw this up, please let me know (kindly) in the comments. The culmination of the … Continue reading »

The Gettysburg Battlefield in Winter (part 1)

After visiting The Mannings yesterday (blog post here) I realized that I was only 14 miles from Gettysburg.  The trip to The Mannings hadn’t taken as long as I had thought it would, I hadn’t been to the battlefield in forever (at least 17 years), and I had never been there in the winter.  So, instead … Continue reading »