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What have you got to lose?

I’m a Freelance Editor; or as I prefer to call myself, a Dream Polisher & Whip Wielder. My target clientele is Indie Authors. People starting out in the writing business, possibly later in life. They have dayjobs (just like me). Maybe they didn’t believe in themselves when they were younger, maybe they took the more … Continue reading »

A Lesson on Reacting vs Responding

This is a lesson that many people never learn. I have only recently mastered this and it’s taken a couple of years and some very wise and patient friends helping me. On the way home this evening I gave my nine year old son a lesson on this and when I tweeted it, a friend … Continue reading »

My 3 words for 2013

So, the reason for this post came from a post by Chris Brogan¬†and the thought process in finding three words to help focus my vision and goals for the new year. None of the past few years have been easy and I don’t expect 2013 to be any different. I do expect the years to … Continue reading »

Things I’m learning while doing NaNoWriMo

Doing NaNoWriMo is teaching me things I might have learned otherwise, but probably not as quickly. ¬†Some of these I think I already understood but they are becoming cemented in my pudding brain a bit faster that they would have otherwise. Balancing creative pursuits in general with a day job and a family is hard … Continue reading »

Doing NaNoWriMo or How I Lost My Mind

I’ve finally completely lost my mind. I have a full time (and then some with overtime) job, three kids to take care of (okay, one of them is 19 but I’m still not convinced he can manage for himself), a home to maintain (also known as laundry and cleaning hell to be endured until I … Continue reading »