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My Three Words for 2016

For me, the hard part about the three words exercise each year is finding individual words that apply to multiple aspects of my life without needing entire sentences for them to make sense to me three months down the road. In previous years I’ve reflected on all of my previous words. If you want to … Continue reading »

Liberal Rant

This is something I posted on the book of faces today and thought I should put it here as well. <<<RANT WARNING>>> In case you’re new to me, what I believe, and those things for which I advocate, here’s a list. I have zero desire to hear opinions from the other side of these positions … Continue reading »

Turtle Do

A number of things collided and as a result, I now look like this: October is breast cancer awareness month. I’ve known a number of women who have had various types of cancers and lived through the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. They all lost their hair. I have a habit of growing my hair long … Continue reading »


I saw a quote about gratitude this morning. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough” taken from a longer thought on gratitude by Melodie Beattie and expounded upon by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yesterday, as I was purging and packing to move, I ended up throwing out and giving away much more than I am taking with … Continue reading »

American Values

When I see people throwing around the phrase, “American values” I don’t feel a sense of pride nor do I usually want to follow or find out anything about the person saying it. Recently, the same people saying they want a return to American values are the homophobic, racist, misogynistic Christians who don’t see their … Continue reading »

Struggling to get my words

So the Magic Spreadsheet was going great for me. Until it suddenly wasn’t. I’m not really sure what happened. I think it was a combination of things more than any one particular thing. 250 words isn’t a lot. Unless you tend to write micro poetry. And it usually only takes me between 10 and 30 … Continue reading »

Magic Spreadsheet Challenge

So,  lots of writers are trying this thing called the Magic Spreadsheet.  I heard about it from Mur Lafferty on her podcast, “I Should Be Writing” and my friend Veronica. The Magic Spreadsheet is designed to reward a writer who has a daily writing habit more than the writer who binge writes every so often.  … Continue reading »

The Strawberry Ice Cream Battle

I thought about titling this The Strawberry Ice Cream War but I’m not sure if it has escalated to an all out war. Yet. Battle might even be a bit strong. Skirmish and ninja assault might be more accurate… Some background first. Max, the oldest of my boys (20) loves strawberry ice cream. But not … Continue reading »


I’ve decided to take the entire month of December as one for reflection, introspection, planning, and research. Typically, I do this kind of thinking around New Year’s Day. I dream about where I want to be and what I want to do without putting anything in place to help me get from A to B. … Continue reading »

Thoughts on My Writing

Due to some recent comments here that have since been removed (along with the posts themselves), it occurred to me that if one person didn’t understand the nature of my writing then perhaps he isn’t the only one. So here are some thoughts on my work and this space (in no particular order). This space … Continue reading »