3 words for 2018

Man, I’ve really gotten terrible at posting here… Sorry, just a random realization from logging into my own site and hoping my password is saved somewhere cause I have no idea. And how sad is that?

Anyway, I’ve been pondering my 3 words for this year for a while now and finally settled on Learning, Patience, and Resistance.

I’m trying A Year to Clear and hope to learn things about myself in the process, unlearn bad habits, and learn new, healthier, ones.

I need to have more patience with myself and others.

And resistance is about standing up for what I believe in. Fighting for change. Resisting the dumpster fire that is US politics right now. Taking action.

This is really short and I don’t care at the moment.. To be terribly cliche, it is what it is and I’m okay with that.

Happy New Year!!

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