Get Healthy Day

I typed the title of this post and smiled.  Ah, if only a single day would do it. Sadly, today is simply the day that I managed to get both a Dr’s appointment and a therapy appointment (and the first day of a week of vacation). I scheduled these appointments on one of the many really down days I’ve been experiencing lately. My depression and oscillating moods impacts me at home every day but it’s finally gotten to the point where it’s impacting my work as well in that there are more and more days when dragging my ass out of bed feels like a herculean accomplishment. So when I realized I was using sick time for getting to work an hour late or two hours late, I decided to seek help from both the therapist I had gone to during my divorce, and from the medical profession.

So, I met with a new-to-me Dr at my primary care office a little bit ago.  He’s referring me to a psychiatrist because we agree that medication in conjunction with therapy is the way to go. And, since I may have a form of bipolar (though never officially diagnosed), an official diagnosis is needed as apparently the meds to treat depression and bipolar are different and they don’t always play nicely together.  So, I’ve contacted my insurance provider to get ideas on what I need to know and some referrals. The first Dr’s office I contacted is closed to new patients.  Of course they are… 2nd one apparently does both medicine and therapy. They advised me to check with my current therapist to see if she has some recommendations. And/or, I need to call my provider back to see if I can see both. Sigh. I’m reminding myself that I have excellent insurance at very low cost so having to jump through these hoops is not the end of the earth.

Now, back out to go see my therapist and get myself on track. Ironic thing about today is today is a good day made better by glorious weather. So it feels weird and oddly disconnected to talk about when I’m depressed when I’m feeling better. Sigh. It’s all weird.


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