Going Crazy

I’m torn
Torn between running and hiding
And finding a way to fight back
There is a constant stream
Of violence
Where has humanity gone?

The safety and security
Of our neighbors and children
Has taken a back seat
To corporate greed
And some people’s need
To play with weapons most deadly

There’s nowhere to hide
From abuse and genocide
In some places and times
It happens quickly en mass
But here it’s a dozen at a time

So if I can’t hide, what do I say?
There is no logic in this
So the arguments fall on deaf ears
Too scared for their own
To risk disarming
They are all so charming
Until they are identified
As the most recent perpetrator
Whom no one knew could be capable
Until it’s too late

There is no one to protect us
From those who are supposed to protect us
When leaders are followers
And corporations masters
Pitting us against each other
Slight of hand of hate
While they take and take and take

We’re still dealing with slavery
As they make slaves of us all again
Only now it’s more the women than the men
Our bodies aren’t our own
We are property of the idiocracy
Too often fighting amongst our own.

Then there are issues of race
We’d rather not face
So we find convenient victims to blame
We can’t call out their names
Because there are far too many
But no one willing to change

Since there’s nowhere to go
No path of flight
No safe ground
I guess I don’t have a choice
But to figure out how to fight
How to scream from the rooftops
Like the crazy woman I’m fast becoming
The insanity of this world
Driving a bit into my brain
Crazy for an ounce of peace

2 thoughts on “Going Crazy

  1. Kindly get out of my head. You wrote so much what I am feeling,and it reassures that going mad is an appropriate response to our country’s madness.
    Scream into the abyss, anytime. I have decided it is the silver lining to the ugly side of instant communication. People type before they think, myself included.
    I even have a secret twitter, for such times. I live in the suburbs, so if I go outside for primal scream therapy, cops may be called. LOL

    Glad you are taking the break. <3

  2. This rings so wonderfully true. I should join you in screaming but I’d just go silent. My throat burned out by the volume of rage and pain.

    So much fear of the other, so much hate of the other instead of finding the common ground amidst the differences.

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