I was broken
The world had chewed me up
And spit me out
Onto the concrete below
Leaving me gasping for air

I didn’t care
If I lived or died
I tried to keep going
But knowing what a failure I’d been
So many sins committed
Made me sure
I was unlovable
Useless to all

Then I met you
Also less than whole
Visibly bleeding
From so many gashes
And slashes to your soul

The scars of every time
You’d let yourself
Or someone else down
Still puffy and painful
When your only fault
Is you were human
Less than perfect
By design

But now you are mine
And I yours
Joined forever
Not by some artificial construct
But because the pieces
Of what’s left of me
Are match and mate
To all that’s left of you

And when you take me
In your arms
Held fast skin to skin
It is akin to dying again
And I’m once again
Gasping for air
As you play my body
Like an instrument

I feel the surf
As heaven and earth
Conspire to end us
As wave upon wave
Of music and pleasure
Wash over us both
Leaving us battered and bruised
Yet soothed in ways
Too difficult to comprehend

You have mended
What damn near ended me
All while leaving me broken again
But this brokenness
Fixes the mess
I once was
And I am whole with you
And now we are broken

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