Lessons From Mom

You taught me so many things over the years
Bits of trivia, odd and disconnected
From those rare moments
When we connected

And many lessons
In what not to do
When I swore to anyone who would listen
That I would not grow up to be you

I knew so little of grief
While you were still here
But since you left
I can’t count my tears

Previously, I was sympathetic
To those grieving
But I had no understanding
Of what they might be needing

I’d lost some relatives,
A friend, and others
But nothing could prepare me
For losing my mother.

A piece of me went with you
Leaving a perpetual ache
That you simultaneously filled
With a bit of grace

Now when I see someone
Experience death’s pain
I think of you
And this lesson again

I know they’ll have good and bad days
But the pain never ends
I just hope I can help lessen it
And be a better friend

Thanks, Mom.

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