My Three Words for 2016

For me, the hard part about the three words exercise each year is finding individual words that apply to multiple aspects of my life without needing entire sentences for them to make sense to me three months down the road.

In previous years I’ve reflected on all of my previous words. If you want to read 2015, 2014, or 2013, click on the year. For some reason, I’m not in the mood to reflect today so I’m just going to dive into this year’s words.

My first word is PUSH. Push on. Push back. Push up. Push myself. Push others. I often let myself get way too lazy about things. Particularly physically, but also creatively. In order to attain a higher level of success, I need to work harder, work smarter; and I need to make sure I’m pushing myself and my co-conspirators to do that.

My second word is TRACK. I’ve set goals for myself and my writing partner and I have set goals for his work as well. We’re utilizing new tools and the only way we’re going to know if things are moving in the right direction is if we track our results in meaningful ways. We currently track word counts, sales, and income. This year we’re going to start tracking our time as well because that seems to be the commodity that is most precious and yet also most easily squandered.

My third word is ADAPT. I’ll be pushing myself and my friends to work harder and smarter this year and we’ll track our progress. But we then have to be able to adapt our approach as we go. Without this critical step, we run the risk of barreling down an ineffective path. This word encompasses underlying thoughts like analyze, reflect, compare, discuss, and decide. The important thing here is that we be proactive rather than reactive in the way we go about adapting our approach to better utilize habits and strategies that work for us, things within our control, rather than being reactive to forces outside of our purview.

Okay, I think I’ve got three words that will help me stay focused on the year ahead. I’m going to push myself and my partner to work harder and smarter, we’ll track our results, and adapt our approach as we find things that work for us. Yay!

Now, how about you. What are your three words for 2016?

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