No More Prayers

No More Prayers

The news comes in every day
The names and places change
But it’s always the same
Sure, some days are more brutal than others
But it’s still our sisters
Still our brothers

It’s in Africa, Asia, Europe, and here too
It’s villages and towns
Paris and Beirut
Beheadings and bombs
Machetes and guns
It’s hatred. That’s all.
Don’t let them bait us
To take the fall.

We can’t let the zealots win
I don’t care what their idea
Of sin might be
They don’t get to tell us
They don’t get to tell me
How we live our lives

And that’s what they want
But it’s not what they’re going to get
Their goal is to pit us
Against each other
To spread their hatred
By making us scared.
The way to fight back
Is love, not prayers.

Don’t pray for Paris
Don’t pray for peace
If prayers are all you’ve got
They’re fine in addition to
But not by themselves
We have to act, and act now
Not just words, but deeds
These are the things this fucked up world needs

We need to take in the refugees
Shelter and clothe them
Protect the innocent
Women and children
But most importantly
We need to stand shoulder to shoulder
Regardless of isms,
Like sisters and brothers

Because everyone is squishy on the inside
Everyone cut, bleeds
If we show love and compassion
Regardless of creed
If we hold tightly to each other
If everyone believes
Terrorists can’t win
If we’re not afraid

No more prayers for Paris
Feed someone starving instead
No more prayers for Beirut
Give a wandering child a bed
I know your prayers are well intentioned
And you think there’s nothing else
You can do for those so far away
That all you can do is pray

But it’s not just about Paris
The hatred is everywhere
It’s not just about religion
But about people being less than
If we could see all people as people
And combat hatred with love
Then no one would need to pray
To their God above.

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