Liberal Rant

This is something I posted on the book of faces today and thought I should put it here as well.


In case you’re new to me, what I believe, and those things for which I advocate, here’s a list. I have zero desire to hear opinions from the other side of these positions as you’re not going to change my mind and I probably won’t change yours. So if you feel the need to comment from that position, please just save us both some time and unfollow or unfriend me.

I believe the only person who should be allowed to decide if an abortion is the right course of action for a woman is the woman herself. Period.

I believe climate change is real and humans are to blame.

I don’t believe that corporations are the same as people and I’m sick of the oligarchy our country has become.

I believe that stronger gun control laws would save lives. I am in favor of not just banning assault weapons, but all sales of new guns. I am also in favor of getting rid of almost all of them. (I get that people hunt. I don’t agree with that either, but whatever).

I know there are plenty of heroes in uniform. That said, I don’t believe that everyone who serves in the military is a hero and I find it insulting to those who have served with a distinction when every idiot who chooses to go into the military is described as such. For many, it was simply a job choice when nothing else worked out for them.

I don’t believe all cops are racist murderers, but those that are (and there are far too many) are making them all look bad. People need to acknowledge that both good and bad exist and we need to work to get rid of the bad guys dressed in blue.

Black lives matter. And if your reaction to that statement is to say that all lives matter, then you’re part of the reason the statement exists. If you don’t understand this, go educate yourself on the issue.

White privilege is real. I have it and am aware of this. If you’re white and deny this, you’re an idiot. Sorry, but this is another one where you need to educate yourself. Most people experience some discrimination at various times in their lives. People of color live with it every minute of every day. That’s what this is about.

I believe in helping those less fortunate than myself. I do what I can personally and want a government that looks out for the least among us instead of the wealthiest. There is much less fraud and abuse of the system by those at the bottom than those at the top and I frankly don’t care. I’m not willing to take assistance away from a family desperately trying to survive because someone else committed fraud in the food stamp system while corporations are raping the workers and the economy.

I believe in equality for all. I don’t care what sex a person was born, what sex they identify as, or who they love or how. We are all human beings and as such deserve respect and equal rights.

I have zero tolerance for fat shaming, body shaming, slut shaming or ANY sort of shaming. Stop judging other people. Period.

I’m sure I probably missed a few of my hot buttons so I’ll just summarize by saying I’m a socialist democrat. A bleeding heart liberal. And I’m sick to fucking death of the status quo in this country.

You can carry on now.


As a footnote, I also believe in: science, math, art, music, the power of words, that between science and creativity we can solve any problem,  that good will triumph in the end, and in the power of the human soul to transcend death. Oh, and in the power of love. I should have said that first.

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