Turtle Do

A number of things collided and as a result, I now look like this:

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  • October is breast cancer awareness month. I’ve known a number of women who have had various types of cancers and lived through the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. They all lost their hair.
  • I have a habit of growing my hair long for 3-5 years and then donating it. It was time.
  • I wanted to do something that would call attention to me precisely because I’m not ¬†usually comfortable with that. I wanted to push my own boundaries while also pushing back at the way society objectifies women and their appearance.
  • My son loves turtles.
  • I love color.
  • I think I look more like my mother now than I ever have before only with my wacky artsy spin on something very similar to the ultra short cut she used to call a chemo-cut.

On the one hand, it’s just hair and will grow out soon enough. On the other, it’s so much more. It’s symbolic on many levels. But I kinda wish it wasn’t. It really should just be another part of me. Just hair.

*Credit goes to the phenomenal Caitlin of Shear Crossing in Mechanicsburg, PA

**And a special thank you to my friend, Amy, for giving this to me as the most awesome birthday gift ever!

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