First Kiss

Tell me my love
Between slow deep kisses
Where we melt into each other
And time stands still
Trapped inside a sphere
Containing only us
And our love

Tell me my love
Of your memories
Of that first kiss
The feeling of electricity
Sparking between our lips
When time didn’t simply stand still
It ceased to exist at all
And you and I
Were alone in a world gone quiet

Tell me my love
What you remember about that day
Did any other memories
Stand the test of time
That don’t involve the sensations
Of falling in love
With someone you’d swear you’ve known
Most of your life?

Tell me my love
As you kiss me again
Press into me again
Carry my soul wrapped in yours
To the ends of heaven and hell again
What were we talking about, my love?
Ah, yes, kiss me again.

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