Balticon 2015

In the almost stillness
Of the perfect afternoon

I contemplate the paths we have traveled
To this place where dreams are born
Where ideas are sparked
From the flint of community

And the trick is to both shelter that ember
From the sad fate of a quiet death
At the hands of Doubt
Or Insecurity
And breathe life into it
So that it becomes a flame
That burns bright enough
To survive, to grow, to thrive
Into a life of its own
Without getting burned
In the process

It is these moments of stillness
And these contemplations
That I realize that we are each
One of those sparks
Raw embers in desperate need
Of that breath of life
That sometimes can only come from another
A form of creative cross-pollination
Imbueing a confidence
A sense of purpose
So very different from
What we attain alone

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