My Three Words for 2015

2015 is my third year doing three words. While I don’t refer back to these words often enough during the course of the year, I really enjoy this exercise and will continue to do it each year. Last year, my words were Storyteller, Habits, and Collaboration. The year before was Balance Schedule, and Breathe. I don’t know if anyone else has any rules around reusing words, but for now, I’m going to avoid that. Instead, I look at this as each new set of words building on prior years; much the same way our past experiences are always with us and we layer new experiences on top of the old.

So this year, on top of Balance, Schedule, Breathe, Storyteller, Habits, and Collaboration, I’m going to layer Planning, Practice, and Perseverance. Three P’s on my path to perfection.

This year, I’ll be publishing the second volume of my poetry, continuing to expand my editing business, attending Balticon, doing some voice acting, and expanding my skills by learning how to edit audio and do my own production work.

December has become the time of year where I take stock of what I’ve accomplished throughout the year and start to make plans for the coming year. New Year’s Day is a planning day. And this year, I’ve set some ambitious goals for myself.

I will be spending January finishing the novel I’m currently editing and working on my own book. Then a new novel is slotted for the first half of February. The second half of February and all of March will be devoted to audio work, my book, and yarn dyeing (The Balticon color ways). April and May will have another novel and I’ll be gearing up for Balticon. I’m hoping to release my second book before Balticon but I don’t have a date yet.

I have ambitious plans for the first half of this year (particularly when you factor in that I have a full time job that also now includes 10 hours of mandatory overtime every week).

With the new audio skills the word Practice will really come into play. I’ve done a lot of planning so far, but I have no doubt that I will need to continue planning and re-planning when life throws roadblocks in my path. Perseverance is a daily necessity already and I’m sure will only become more important as I juggle all the things.

So I will plan, I will practice, and I will persevere.

What are your three words this year?

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