I went for a walk
Head down
My heart in sadness
And a pair of golden wings
Outlined in deepest black
Shimmered and fluttered
As it crossed my path
Bringing a moment of gladness

I watched it as it flew
As it continued on its way
Realizing that I would likely
Never see that particular butterfly again
Yet glad for this one moment
Wondering how many paths
This glorious, ephemeral creature
Would cross in its far too short lifetime?

How many hearts would it gladden?
What works of art
Would it inspire?
Beyond this poem, maybe photographs
Or paintings, or a song
Would be created
Even though its time here
Is never long

And then it occurred to me
That we are butterflies too
With the capacity to inspire
To flutter on the breeze
Chasing our desires
That each is beautiful
Lovely and unique
And our time here far too short

So spread your fragile wings
You rare and beautiful soul
Inspire those whose paths you cross
And fly to where you need to go
You are more beautiful
Than you will ever know
And your life, while short
Impacts us all

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