Almost Late

This morning was one of those mornings when shaking off the bonds of sleep was harder than usual. But more than that, the last vestiges of the dream I either had just had or was still having refused to leave and I kept trying to return to that place. When I finally gave up and opened my eyes I wrote this in an attempt to capture that feeling. And of course, I was almost late getting out the door as a result.


When you wake up early
From an almost dream
The kind where it was almost sexy
But not
Where something exciting happened
But you made it home
Well, not exactly home
But somewhere safe
And somehow you were in bed
Or not
But you were warmly cocooned
And trying to sleep
Because it had been a long dream
And you were on adventures
And this safe sleep
Cocooned comfily
Was your reward
And what is that noise
It’s just a fleeting thought
Not worthy of being in your brain
Because it’s so perfect here
So floatingly, blissfully perfect
Snuggled up here
There’s that sound again
But a smack of the hand
Holds it at bay
Except that the cozy place
Is starting to disintegrate
Foggy wisps flowing away
From your almost dream
Because it’s almost morning
And the almost demons
You have to face during the day
Are becoming more real
By the instant
Even as the sheets and blankets
Become less soft
And the alarm bleats again
But if you’re lucky
You will be able
To eventually find your way back
Through the fog of almost
Into the adventures of your dreams
But for now, almost has passed
Time to get up
And you hit the snooze button
One more time
You’re almost ready
To face the day
But not yet


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