Last Day of Vacation

The heavy drapery
Blocks all but one sliver of light
A rogue sunbeam
Warm already
Glowing with the same peachy-pink
As the ripe summer fruit

That errant ray
Softly sculpting
The curve of your hip
In warm silhouette
And my hand
As I trace over the same

Your face is in darkness
But I don’t need light
To know the curve of your mouth
As it turns into a sleepy smile
At the touch of my fingers
So early in the morning

What I need is time
On this last day of vacation
To give in to my deepest desire
And stand still for a while
Drawing out these last hours
Into the forever we’ll never have

Time to memorize every sensation
Every sight, sound, smell
Touch, mood, and emotion
Of being in your arms
Of feeling your body and soul
Wrapped around and inside mine

Time to wake you
With soft kisses
And lazy strokes
As the soft light
Caresses us both
Sun rising with you

Time to nuzzle your neck
Breathing in your scent
Memorizing every inch
Of your body
Committing every expression
Of joy to memory

So that once this day has passed
As it will far too quickly
I will have you with me always
In these memories
More valuable than any treasure
For your love is priceless

I’ll take home souvenirs
And show people my photographs
But you, and us, I will keep to myself
And the memories of this time
This vacation from reality
Will be safe in my memory

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