I Believe

I believe in love
That’s such a little word
So easy to say
Yet it means so much

I believe in the grand overarching ideal
Of romantic love
Of knights on white horses
And all those cliches
And the love between
A mother and her child

But more than that
I believe that love
Is in the smallest gestures too
It is in going out of your way
To make sure you are never the cause
Of someone else’s pain

But I also believe
That I am far from perfect
That we all make mistakes
I believe in learning and growing
I believe that I am so far from perfect
That even if I learn something new
On how to be a better person
A better parent
A better human
Every day for the rest of my life
I will still fail someone
In some way
And while I’m not okay
With letting anyone down
Or causing someone pain
I’ve learned to forgive
And strive to do better
The next time

I believe a soul is infinite
That the energy of a living thing
Can not be destroyed
It is simply transferred to another place
And just because we can’t always
See or feel something
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

I believe our souls exist
We exist
Not as finite individual entities
But as pieces of a bigger whole
That we are meant to fit together
In some complex way
That we can only begin
To comprehend
When we stop judging souls
By the physical container
That houses them

I believe that love is love
And has nothing to do with
The gender of a body
And everything to do with
Giving someone pleasure
And making them feel safe

Love is acceptance
It is discovering who a person is
And not trying to change
Anything about them

I believe not in a soulmate
But in soulmates. Plural.
I believe that we are meant to connect
To many other souls.
As we travel along this journey
We call life
I believe we are meant to find
Other souls
Other energies
That when merged with our own
Creates a slightly bigger piece of the whole

That we are like atoms
Drifting through the emptiness of space
And while we can combine
In infinite ways
It is only when we find
A particular type of other
To bind with
That we transform ourselves
Into what we were meant to be

I believe that you
Are one of those other atoms
That is meant to be
A part of my life
A part of me
That spiritually
We are bound together
And that together
We will achieve great things

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