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I haven’t written many words so far in May because May is all about Balticon.  In previous years, I started dyeing the Balticon yarn in January or February and paced myself.  Two years ago I moved in April so that put me under a time crunch.  But this year was so much worse that I’m shocked that I managed to get it done. I don’t remember much of anything from March beyond Mom no longer being here.  April was a little less hazy, but not enough for me to wake up and realize where I was time-wise. So, when it finally hit me that I was running out of time, I pushed everything else to the side and dyed like a crazy person.  And, with 2 weeks to go before Balticon 48 opens on May 23, this year’s yarn colors went up for sale last night.  I’m happy to report that 9 of the 30 skeins have already sold. If you’re interested in seeing them or ordering some for yourself before they disappear, you can visit my yarn site, Dyed Bright Here.

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