I like to think of myself as ADD enabled. But there are times (far too many times)when this is decidedly not an advantage. I think it helps me at work because I have to flit back and forth between many different tasks at once but when I need to, I can hyperfocus. But outside of work, I have a constant struggle to stay on one thing long enough to accomplish anything.

Tonight when I was trying to think of ideas for today’s poem, I got one idea and before I could even begin to flesh it out, it was gone into the ether. Almost immediately another one came along. And another, And another. The only problem is that no one wanted to stay and see how any one of the ideas turned out.

So, my mercurial mind became the over arching thought…


Quick silver thoughts
Flitting from idea to idea
Squirrels for brains
Branch to branch
To branch again
Hamsters in balls
Squeaky exercise wheels
Runaway train
In a powerful storm
Lightning strikes
Hot sizzling
Gone again
In a puff of hot air
Even as the fried synapses
Fire in the hole
Look out below
Fast of feet
No fleet of foot
Fancy pants
Dancing in time
Wish you were mine
Winged god
Delivery boy
Helmeted ready for battle
Of wits
All is lost
In a flurry of ideas
Words dripping down
To puddle on the paper
Blender on high
Ice crushing colors
As they swirl down the drain
Around in my brain
Sparkling and shiny
Poisonous to the touch
But they aren’t much
Just all the bits and pieces
That make up me

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