The Exhausted and Aching Rejoicing of the Soul

At the end of a very long day
At the end of a long-ish string
Of very long days
I am tired and my whole body hurts

No, that’s not quite true
I’m not tired
I’m exhausted.
This is tired to the tired power

My brains melted
And oozed out of my ears
To puddle on the floor
Days ago

I shuffled to my car
Like an old woman
Who misplaced both her Getitol
And her walker

And the aching part
Or parts really
Because there isn’t a square inch
Of my body that doesn’t hurt

I push myself
To do what needs done
When it comes down to
The financial realities of life

But as much as I’m tired
Or my joints are on fire
These feelings are blessings
In disguise.

First because I’m fortunate
To have a good job; or really, any job
But especially one with opportunities
To work the extra hours

But beyond that
Being tired and achey
Means I’m alive
Have you thought about that?

If I have aches and pains
If I’m tired
It means I’m still here
And my time hasn’t expired

So each trial or hardship
Each annoyance
And aggravation
Is preferable to not being here

And while it’s damn difficult
To remember that lesson
When dealing with some
Of mankind’s finer specimens

It’s worth reminding ourselves
To look at the alternatives
And remember to rejoice
In everything we experience

For in the experience
Whether you judge it as good or bad
There is life
And life should make your soul rejoice.


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