This started with the idea of paying more attention to the world around us. Being present in the moment. When we meditate, we’re supposed to quiet all thoughts and just pay attention to our breathing. But even those of us that practice meditation often find ourselves getting caught up in the craziness of our everyday lives. What happens when we stop and purposefully become more observant?

Each of the stanzas of this piece is also intended to function as a complete micro poem of five lines on its own. I like the interconnectedness of multiple little poems that are just fine on their own yet make up something bigger together. Kind of reminds me of all of us.


Listen to the birds
Twittering and chirping
Celebrating the new day
The new dawn
In song

Listen to the cat
Hurrying you into the day
Because he’s thirsty
And only you have thumbs
To work the faucet

Listen to your neighbors
As you pass in the street
Quiet hellos
Another day of work ahead

Listen to your car
Your trusty steed
The quiet purr
Of a faithful companion
With a plastic hide

Listen to all the little sounds
We take for granted
Every day
They are a symphony
Of beauty in the mundane

Listen to your inner voices
The things you tell yourself
Quietly hush
The negative one
Constantly criticizing

Listen for the positive voice
The one that notices
Each little improvement
Every step in the right direction
On your journey through life

Listen to musicians and artists
Let their voices
Their creations
Inspire greatness
In you

Listen to the scientists
And inventors
Let the possibilities
And new technologies
Inspire you to dream

Listen to the storytellers
As they imagine new worlds
That they may inspire you
To journey
Beyond the known

But most importantly
Listen to your soul
To your dreams and desires
Follow these voices
As they lead you higher

For though you may work hard
More will you achieve
When you listen to the world
Listen to yourself
And believe.

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