This one started simply because it was raining outside today. I glanced out the window, saw that it was a grey dreary rainy day and suddenly this image of this couple in the rain at night under a streetlight was in my head telling me that things were beautiful and sparkly even in the rain.  I’m not sure yet if I overshot the ending point and need to trim this back, or if there’s more of the story to tell…I guess I’ll figure that out in a few months or so when I revisit it.  Much like the way a novelist puts their manuscript in a drawer for a few months once it’s complete before they come back to edit it, I prefer to leave my first drafts sit here for a while as I go on to write other things. That way, when I come back, everything is fresh and I can look at each piece with a much more critical eye.

So, for now….here’s “Diamonds”…


Sparkling droplets
Cascading into the night
Tiny points of light
Shimmering neath the street lamps
Phosphorescent glow
Cold moisture
Meets hot pavement
In a staccato onslaught
The resulting haze
Mysterious misty maze
Jumbled thoughts
As she meets his gaze

She brushes up against him
And he is fraught with desire
Pulse accelerating
Every nerve on fire
She is everything
He’s ever wanted
And the only one
Who understands his need
Whose greed for him
Matches his for her
He is the wealthiest of men
For she is the brightest gem

And as the rain pours down
He wraps her in his arms
Pulling her close
To shelter her
Even though he knows
She is stronger than he
When it comes to being fierce
In the face of life’s storms
He silently mourns
Their lack of privacy
As he pulls her closer
Holds her tighter

He softly kisses her ear
Her neck wet from the rain
Iridescent jewels
Decorate her hair
Not half as sparkling
As her laughter
When he whispers
That her gala awaits
And she will have to wait
Till the party’s over
To discover the surprise
He has in store for her


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