Posted in April 2014


I can’t imagine What it feels like to feel settled To know that where you are Is home

Love Letters

I put down these words On cards of lavender and pink Embossed with a delicate heart In the hope of one day finding you So that I can send them To their rightful home They are my wishes and desires The words of my inner fires And all my unanswered questions And declarations Of undying … Continue reading »

Baseball Blues

Tonight I’m only posting the first stanza of a work in progress.   I need to get out To a ball game Some time this summer I promise myself every year That I’ll remember To make the time and go But it’s never important enough And gets forgotten

Emotional Buildup

When we’re youngWe feel thingsSo much more acutelyA little slightBy a best friendIs tragic dramaBut when we’re youngWe also shake things offAnd move onFasterYet even when we’ve moved pastThe hurt and disappointmentA tiny pieceOf that hurtLingersAs we ageWe eventually learnTo not take lifeOr anythingThat seriouslyWe learnThat drama is betterWhen read or watchedAnd not a satisfyingParticipation … Continue reading »

My Boys

Gumdrops and candy canes Bottle rockets and lizard brains Silly things that steal my heart Even things like burps and farts You are each so different from the other It’s sometimes hard to believe you’re all brothers But you are everything that’s good and true And I will always love you

Lost and Found

I’ve been in mourning For things and people I’ve lost I miss them Some days more than others I particularly miss my mother But I also miss my marriage I hate to admit that But it’s true I don’t miss where it ended up But it was nice When it was new Some days I … Continue reading »


We encourage our kids To try new things And when they are not Immediately gifted or fluent In whatever they try We tell them It takes practice Everything takes practice Then we don’t take Our own advice When you fall in love With a person Or an idea Or a thing You immerse yourself In … Continue reading »

Old Friend

It’s a perfect Spring day Skies a tentative blue Whispy clouds of meteorological indecision Float hesitantly by Like a trembling pouty lip When a child can’t decide If it’s the right time to cry The air is the temperature Of my favorite sweatshirt Without the weight The soft breeze Like a kiss on the cheek … Continue reading »