Mothers and Daughters

Somehow it seems
That far too often
Mothers and daughters
Are oil and water.
Gasoline and sparks.
This was us.

Different perspectives.
Different opinions.
But the same tempers,
The same frustrations,
The same bruised toes,
And the same love

You ruffled feathers
When you thought
You were helping.
We all cursed your name;
And loved you just the same.

None of us are perfect;
But whenever it seemed
Like the whole world
Was against us,
Even if it was from
Our own doing,
You were there
To help us.

I always hated
Asking you for help.
Not because you gave me grief
But because
When I was at rock bottom
Was when you didn’t.
I always knew
I was in serious trouble
When the only thing you did
Was everything I needed.

For all the yelling,
And teenaged angst,
That somehow didn’t stop
At twenty,
Or thirty,
Or forty,
You were always the calm one
In the emergency.

In times of trouble
We looked to you
To guide us through
The storm.
Now, we have to face
Those storms without you
And I can only hope
That we can emulate you.

I have always
Been so glad
That I have sons
Instead of daughters
Because I knew
How difficult I have been.
And I couldn’t imagine
Another relationship
With the intensity of ours.
And now, I fear,
I won’t know what to do
Now that you’re gone.

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