The Time and Space Around Us

The time and space around us
Is moving forward
Continuously transforming
Into what it must be
In every instant
It will not wait for you
To ponder what you might become
But it will respond
To your actions
Once you undertake them

You have the ability
To become other people
Not in a physical way
Beyond what habits you may change
And how those changes
In behavior
Can manifest them-self
In physical form
Your form
But in an intellectual
And attitudinal way

You have choices to make
In how you view the world
How you view yourself
You send your thoughts
Your actions and reactions
Out into the world each day
These are not random things
They have intention
They have meaning
And they have consequences

Every thought and action
Is another ripple
In an already turbulent surface
Your stream
Mixes and flows
Into around and through
So many others
We can become a wave
Or a waterfall
The new tide lapping
At a distant shore
Or merely the puddle
During a tumultuous storm
That washes away
When the uproar ends

You can be the future
If you pay close attention
To today
And be today
What you want to be tomorrow
What you were yesterday
Only mattered yesterday
And only relates to tomorrow
If you remain stagnant

If who or what you were
Is not who or what
You want to be
Then you should be glad
To know that you alone
Have the ability to change you

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