A Pale Blue Sky

A pale blue sky
Giant Robin’s egg
Gently cradling us all
Before the wind
Whips us from the tree
And silently we fall

Melting into
Oblivion’s dark
My feelings fade away
A new realm of
Fantasy’s embrace
Begins a bright new day

To love, to laugh
No finer joys found
Freely given to you
The birds singing
As the air turns warm
And the world becomes new

This newness can’t
Change what came before
Layers outward building
Pain and pleasure
Striations of time
And still the birds will sing

I think this blue
Needs a certain name
It’s meaning to explain
It brings newness
The new season and
The day after the rain

Almost spring time
Yet winter’s still here
Cold finger’s slipping
Loosening its hold
On our hearts and minds
Melting snow slow dripping

Down the downspouts
And out to the sea
Water falls cycling new
To become clouds
And obscure the sky
Chasing away the blue

This blue teases
Spring will come indeed
Only after winter
Claws us again
Icicle fingers
Our emotions splinter

Blue promises
Of a brighter day
If we can just hold on
Through the coldness
Of winter’s last gasp
As another Spring dawns

Little blue lies
And infidelities
Blue promises
Of a warmth not felt
My insecurities

I’m still so cold
Shivering alone
I’m waiting for my sun
His name unknown
To brighten my days
When my longing is done

Seasons will pass
In love and in life
This pale blue is a sign
Patience needed
Warmth and happiness
Will once again be mine

In the meantime
This pale blue surrounds
Promising tomorrow
I’ll accept it
Knowing my future
Will be joy, not sorrow.

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